Dry, Damaged Hair?

Krista Schiller
September 12, 2020

Why Is Salon Quality Hair So Difficult To Achieve?

Last night I had the privilige of going to the "Beauty Store" with my wife. Sure, I have shopped with her at most large retailers our entire relationship, but I was in awe of just how many types of beauty products a store like this could have. In particular were the large amount of hair care products. Shampoos, Clarifiers, Detanglers, Conditioners, if you could apply it to your scap this store carried it. The question was why?

Why So Many Hair Products?

These products were built around the idea if you could remove minerals from your hair, you could have soft, healthy hair.

It turns out these products are all designed directly or indirectly to to give you soft luxurious hair which caused me to ask the question "If they are all designed to give you soft hair, why are there so many products? Shouldn't one product that works be enough?" As I began to read more into these products on the shelf I quickly realized most of the chemicals in these products were built around counteracting the same issues we face with household fixtures.

These products were built around the idea if you could remove minerals from your hair, you could have soft, healthy hair. Excess minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium may mix with your hair products to form a film. This film blocks your scap from appropriately absorbing the moisturizer in hair products. As a result your hair gets dry, tangled, and leads to breakage.

How Can We Help Restore Your Hair?

The best way to ensure having soft, luxurious hair is a water softener. Utiliizng a softener like our KENAI Pro Elite along with our Pro + carbon unit allow us to ensure the water in your hair is free of excess minerals allowing you to focus on simply washing your hair and enjoying the comfort of your hair again.

Water softeners work to remove calcium and magnesium in your home’s water supply, leaving you with soft water and smooth, manageable hair. Soft water requires less soap and fewer rinses to achieve optimal results, meaning your hair will maintain its color and condition for much longer. Soft water also balances your hair’s pH level, so you’re left with silky smooth hair after every wash.


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