7 Signs You Need A Water Softener

Krista Schiller
September 12, 2020

7 Signs You Need A Water Softener

More than likely the reason you are here today is you have a lose understanding that you have hard water in your house and wonder if you might need to invest in a water softener. The question of "Should I invest?" is one that only makes sense and doing your research to not only select a water treatment company but to select a water softener is an important step. Hopefully this article will help you understand the 5 signs you should look for before deciding to invest in a water softener.

1) Ugly Spots On Your Beautiful Shower Door

You have a beautiful glass shower door has spots. You clean the door after every use. You regularly clean the shower trying to maintain the beautiful glass, but no matter how hard you try SPOTS remain on your door. In Texas this one one of the issues people are most familar with when it comes to Hard Water.

2) Crusty White Sediment At Your Faucet

Often times one of the first signs you need a water softener might appear on your shower head, or under your sink faucet. The white crusty stuff you see is due to hard water. This white build-up is Calcum Carbonate (Na2CO3) stemming from hard water in your house.

3) You Feel Like You HAVE To Use Hair Conditioner When You Wash Your Hair

The excess minerals in hard water can prevent soaps and shampoos from properly dissolving causing your sking to feel dry, irritated, itchy or rough. Calcium and Magnesium in hard water react with fatty acids in your soap to form chemicals that coagulate. As a result, your skin doesn't get clearned properly and the chemicals leave a residue on your skin. Conditioners are designed to offset this feeling and help remove this residue. This means you have hard water.

4) Your Bubble Bath Requires a Complete Bottle of Bubble Bath to Get Enough Bubbles

Soap increases surface tension of water which allows bubbles to form. When you pour bubble bath into a hard water environment the hard water undermines bubble formation causing your bath experience to be less than luxurious.

5) If You Have to Use Cleaner to Remove Spots From Your Home

Here's a secret, even soft water will leave spots when it drys. The difference is those spots easily wipe away with little work. If you needd to use special chemicals to remove spots this is a sign you have hard water and would benefit from a water softener.

6) New Clothes are Fading Fast

Hard water can cause the colors to fade in fabrics, as well as making them feel more scratchy. This occurs due to the abrasive quality of the mineral content in the water.

7) Broken Water Heater

One of the most costly and inconvenient signs that you need a water softener is having your water heater malfunction or fail. Hard water can lead to rapid and premature aging in water heaters, especially electric models, because heating hard water accelerates the formation of scale inside the tank as well as on the tank’s expensive heating elements.


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